BART Testing Framework

The BART Testing Framework has been created with two goals in mind:

  1. End-users of tracking software should be enabled to evaluate existing software libraries / algorithms, and
  2. Developers should be provided with a benchmark to support their development process.


The BART Testing Framework can be best described with a video: the framework contains virtual scenes of animated markers, defined in the Blender3D rendering software. Videos of different resolution and framerate are rendered, which then can be used to test and evaluate marker tracking software. The following video shows some sample videos, arranged in a 2×2 grid.


The BART Testing Framework is hosted at

The GIT repository containing the sources to create the video material and source code/scripts for the analysis can be found here:

Direct Download of the Video Files

If you do not want to render the testcases yourself, you may download the following sets of videos directly:

Library Camera Resolution Link
ALVAR 640×360 link
ALVAR 1280×720 link
ALVAR 1920×1080 link
ARUCO, BART 640×360 link
ARUCO, BART 1280×720 link
ARUCO, BART 1920×1080 link

The corresponding ground-truth data can be downloaded here.

And the calibration data for the cameras can be downloaded here.